Use a Vacuum Sealer to Save Money

Use a Vacuum Sealer to Save Money
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Use a Vacuum Sealer to Save Money

Most of use have at least heard of a vacuum sealer, but what is it exactly? And, no-it doesn’t have anything to do with cleaning. A vacuum sealer is primarily used for preserving food, but it can also be used for a wide range of other things. It’s a very handy tool to own an can save you hundreds in food costs every year. It’s also pretty easy to use. Once you invest in a good food sealer, all you need to buy are the sealing bags and accessories.

If you are using your vacuum sealer for food storage, you can preserve virtually any and all foods. It’s ideal for preserving fresh or frozen produce such as strawberries, peppers, broccoli, peas, blueberries, kale, chard, green beans, corn, and pretty much anything else. Vacuum sealers are also great for preserving bulk dry goods such as flour, sugar, herbs and spices, and dried fruit. You can actually extend the shelf life of these foods substantially by vacuum sealing them.

According to, you can “use your vacuum sealer to reseal cracker or chip bags” – because we all know how quickly those can go stale once the seal is broken. Those chip clips and clothespins only work so well-air can always make its way into your bags-but not if you vacuum seal your bags shut. This is an especially useful tool if you buy a lot of bulk items like herbs, spices and baking supplies.

Once you break the seal on a can or jar, then they are going to expire a lot more quickly. Wine is especially prone to expiring more quickly once the seal is broken, but if you have a bottle stopper attachment, you can actually seal jars. You can also seal jars of herb infused oil or vinegar.

You can even use your vacuum sealer to prevent corrosion. Air and moisture are the enemy of food and metals and vacuum sealing prevents air and moisture form corroding or tarnishing metals over time. You can use your vacuum sealer to protect your ammunition or even fine silver.

You can also use your vacuum sealer to package emergency items like band aids, first aid supplies. Even band aids will break down over time, but not if you preserve them. You can even seal up camping supplies so they don’t get wet-like your matches.

So how much longer do vacuum sealed items really last? Quite a lot longer. For example, beef, game and chicken normally would last about 6 months in your freezer. But if you vacuum seal it, then it will last as long as 2 to 3 years. That’s quite a big difference. Cheese can last about 1-2 weeks in your fridge, but if you preserve it with a food saver, it will last up to 4-8 months. Even your pantry items can live longer-flour and sugar normally has a shelf life of 6 months, but if preserved, it will last 1-2 years. So as you can see, it’s well worth it to preserve your food.

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