Tourist Attractions in Montreal

When we speak of the various tourist attractions in Canada, the first and foremost city that comes to mind is Montreal. Not only is it the most populous municipality at present, but also boasts of hospitable weather for most parts of the year and has an unending list of tourist attractions. Here’s a quick look at some of the most prominent ones.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This may not be the biggest Art Museum of Canada, but it is certainly the oldest one as well as the landmark that is most thronged by visitors and art lovers from various parts of the globe. The foundation stone of this iconic museum was laid way back in 1860 by Bishop Fulford. While it was Philips Square where the collection back then was initially housed, a collective decision was taken to shift the museum to Golden Square Mile which was a comparatively posh area and had much more space to offer.

The Montreal Olympic Park

If you are a sports enthusiast, you should definitely not miss out on visiting the Montreal Olympic Park. This is an enormous park and served as the venue of the 1976 Summer Olympics that was held in the city of Montreal. Till date, the park has been maintained exceptionally well and has become a prime tourist destination of the city, not just for sports lovers but all visitors alike. Within the extensive park itself, there are various sub-divisions to visit like the Athlete’s Village, the Olympic Pool, the Biodome, Saputo Stadium etc, and you can easily spend an entire day here reveling in the glory of sporting traditions.

Montreal Biosphere

A unique museum that has been built with the very theme of the environment, the Montreal Biosphere is not just a visitor’s paradise but a very significant initiative taken in spreading awareness on various pressing issues of environmental conservation. Be it the pressing complexities of unchecked industrialization that has ushered in different forms of pollution, reckless deforestation and ozone layer depletion, each and every issues has been explained in a very lucid manner with the help of interactive exhibits, laser shows and 3D models. Fine and technical aspects that would probably never appeal to the masses, have made their way into this environmental museum wit much aplomb.