Important Elements Of Canada’s Relations With The United States

When you share the longest land border in the world with the world’s biggest super power, your relations with the country are bound to become a talking point. And that’s exactly how the case has been, in terms of the varying relationship between the United States and Canada over the past centuries. There cannot possibly be an exhaustive chronological study of the same here because this in itself will take over the content of the entire website. The motive of the encyclopedia ‘Canada on Your Fingertips’ is to enable people to understand the various aspects that make Canada what it is today, and discover interesting trivia about any given aspect of the country. So here is a look at some of the most essential elements, events and occurrences that have dominated the Canada-US Relationship during the course of history and present-day globalization.

  • While the American revolutionaries were on the lookout for complete independence around the sixteenth century, the Canadian territory was mostly under French possession. There were ongoing conflicts between the Great Britain and France over their various territorial possessions in North America. Eventually the French were driven out, and the Queen of Britain took monarchial control of most parts of Canada
  • What is interesting to note is that the first ever bone of contention between the United States and Canada involved the boundary of Alaska. If it were any two other countries in the world, this would have escalated into a full-blown war with the incorporation of various other issues at the helm, thereby making further complex an already tense situation. But since it was the peace loving country of Canada, a solution was figured out pretty soon and the dispute hardly lasted for a couple of years.
  • Wars are known to tear apart nations. But as far as the US-Canada solidarity was concerned, the second world war only went ahead to strengthen the same. Not only did Canada yield permission for the US making in-roads to Alaska with construction of a highway, but Canadian scientists worked hand in hand with the US scientists to come up with the invention and development of the atomic bomb.
  • Even as we speak of the extensive bilateral trade between both the countries, the scope of the trade and the various social-cultural ties as well, are only getting stronger. Experts have opined that the primary factor that will be determining the future course of this bilateral relationship, with the United States is the question of oil reserves and global oil dynamics.

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