Best Features of Game Monitors

Best Features of Game Monitors
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Best Features of Game Monitors

The right game monitor can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Choosing the right monitor with the best features can give the serious pc gamer or the causal weekend warrior an edge over their opponent. The right features can deliver a smooth, immersive gaming experience. Obviously, always opt for a monitor that is good for gaming.

Game Monitor Features

Panel Size and Resolution

For the gamer that has a generous budget, consider buying a 34-inch Ultra-Wide curved or flat monitor. This monitor has an aspect ratio of 21.9 and allows the gamer to have a wider field of view in games. However if space is a problem, then consider buying a 27-inch wide monitor with Quad High-Definition (WQHD ) resolution.

Panel Technology

Gamers have a couple of choices when choosing the best panel technology. Depending on the pixel response needed for the game, gamers may choose in-plane switching panels (IPS) or Twisted Nematic panels (TN).

In-Plane Switching Panels

The colors and wide viewing angles are standout features in the in-plane switching panels. However, their response time is slow and can cause motion blur in games that require a great deal of speed or shooting.

Twisted Nematic Panels

These panels are very affordable and popular with gamers that play games which require a great deal of speed. Twisted Nematic panels offer a fast response time and refresh rates. The downside to these panels is they have poor color quality and bad viewing angles.

Video Inputs

Another feature that every gaming monitor should have is plenty of video inputs. Without video inputs, the gamer cannot stay connected to a variety of gaming consoles.

Speaker System

A built in speaker system takes up less desktop space and can enhance the gaming experience.

USB Ports

USPB ports are needed for thumb drives, mice and gaming controllers. Side-mounted ports make it easy to plug and unplug accessories without have to reach behind the monitor

G-Sync Technology

This technology can be used to upgrade your monitor to handle 4K gaming. G-Sync will also reduce input lag, smooth out game play and prevent screen tearing. However, to install this technology, the gamer must purchase a monitor with the G-Sync chip. G-Sync is owned by Nvidia technology and requires the company’s permission and cooperation to use. Many gamers prefer G-Sync because it does not have show stutter issues at low framerates. Monitors that can be purchased with G-Sync technology are the AcerXB280HK and ASUS PG278Q ROG.

FreeSync Technology

FreeSync provides the same features as G-Sync technology. However, it uses the video card to manage the refresh rate by using the Adaptive Sync standard that’s built in the Display Port standard. FreeSync is free to use but the gamer will need to purchase a Radeon 7 or 9 card that will support this technology. The Acer XG270HU and Samsung LU24E590DS monitors can be purchased with FreeSync technology.

Having the right features in a game monitor can make the difference between losing and winning a game. Winning is the only option for the serious gamer.

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